16 May 2005

On the mind

So I've had many things on my mind lately. The trip to NYC came and went, and we had a lovely time, inside and out. I haven't walked that much since I was in London!

Some of my friends and I have started Girls' Night In on Wednesday nights. Somebody makes dinner and we all pile in her apartment and drink much wine. I have noticed a distinct common thread to our conversation: men, sex (either the presence or lack thereof) and dating. Course, it doesn't help that last week one of the girls had just started the juicy bits of the health class that she teaches at her middle school. Some people get all the fun! I can't imagine ever having to do that.

Mostly, though, the thing that has disturbed me lately is my research. No, not that I'm having trouble doing it (although posting here is a superb way to avoid reading about the long march of French universities). It's that the moment I started back in in earnest on researching, I found myself thinking deep, meta thoughts about pretty much everything. How the late-blooming spring was a metaphor for my psyche. How long-distance relationships alter your relationships with the people around you. How some people seem to be supremely undisturbed by events outside of their sphere of influence, and maybe I should emulate them.

What disturbed me more than these thoughts was the next thought: When did I stop thinking like this? I've been out of classes for less than a year! When did I stop thinking period? Am I destined to become like certain older members of my family who never observe an event but that it confirms their worldview? Am I doomed to the slow but slippery slide towards uncompromising conservatism? Somebody enroll me in Philosphy 560, quick.