30 March 2007


You might be a Frenchy if your nose hits your girlfriend before your lips do.

~Quoted directly from the source

29 March 2007


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Don't say we're not taking advantages of the opportunities this city has to offer. Tuesday evening, Frenchy came home earlier than I expected, and so on a whim we dashed off to the New York State Theater. Student rush tickets, $32. Subway rides, $8. Evening of culture and music, priceless.

The opera, only the third opera I've ever seen, was beautifully staged and emotional. We both especially liked the spare scenery and rich lighting. They definitely used the lights to great effect, saving a new color scheme for the ultimate tragic moment.

Although it was pretty trippy to hear an opera about a Japanese woman who thinks she's American, sung in English.

14 March 2007


What's up with Mother Nature? We haven't had this kind of weather since January!