29 August 2005

Wish list

Here's my birthday list:

1. Wooden crepe spreader and turner
2. Canisters for flour and sugar
3. Bike safety lights
4. Invisible zipper foot
5. MASH seasons seven and eight
6. Yeast thermometer

One would say I'm turning fifty seven, not twenty-six.

26 August 2005

Temporary Flashbacks of the Culinary Kind

Ahh, I had the most wonderful dinner: Spanish restaurant, table by the lake, flamenco music (thanks, Norberto!) gambas, sangria, chocolate pie, espresso--I really needed that little taste of Europe.

The only thing that would have made it better would be my sweetie by my side.

18 August 2005


There are some songs that you know instantly what they are, from the first beat. Songs that can transport you back to a certain time and a certain feeling. Songs that make you smile, or curl up and cry, depending on the memory. I only have two or three of these songs, and LiveRadio was kind enough to serve me up one of them today.

And even though I'm very happy with my Frenchy, I'm taken back to senior year of college, a happily painful time when I longed after a boy. It hurts, even now, in a good sort of marshmallowy way. The fun times, the disappointment when I realized I wasn't going to be anything more to him, the whispered conversations that gave me hope again.

I'm too young for nostalgia.