20 April 2005

How to annex a sovereign nation

Wow, so many new things to report. I'm going to New York!! Not only will this be my first time in New York, but this will be the first time in several months I've seen my boyfriend.

Some friends of friends have been traveling in Yosemite, Death Valley and various parts of California. I don't have permission to link to his blog, so you'll have to believe me when I say "Holy bejeezus, the US has some gorgeous scenery!" Funny--I've always reproached the French for not appreciating the exquisite landscapes I've inhaled there. Now I realize that I don't know my own country si bien que ça.

In (somewhat) related news:
I have achieved something I've long been wanting to do. Without hurting anybody's feelings, I have taken over France. I feel as though I should stand proudly with my hand between my shirt buttons.

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