14 June 2005


So I was at Barnes and Noble pretending it's a library recently, and I impulsively bought a slim book on palm-reading.

(Affadavit: This is so not like me. Neither impulse buying, nor the ancient art of palmistry. But the pictures were pretty! And it was only five dollars! And ninety-five cents!)

But buy it I did, and read it I did as well. And it was kind of fun. I found out that my head line is forked at the end, which denoted a literary and creative spirit. In fact, just about everything on my hand denoted creativity. Didn't know I was that inventive.

The shape of your hand is apparently very important, as much as the lines. And apparently I have what I deem to be a conical hand, common to psychics and other visionaries. This site corroborates this fact.

Well, blow me down. I had no idea I was a visionary. (How ironic is that sentence?) I guess so, though, since my own hand and birthdate are telling me so. Anybody want some predictions? I can cook up something good. Remember, I'm creative and psychic.

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