21 January 2006

Essence and Existence

I'm having trouble finding my own voice for this blog, which is why there have been so few postings over the last almost-year. I don't want to write about my work, although there is plenty of material there, believe you me. I don't think it's nice to blog about anyone close to me who doesn't know that I'm doing it, and since I have told nobody about this blog, there goes that source.

So mostly I'm left with my own musings. Which don't really seem to amount to much. I'm not particularly funny. I don't even keep up with world events or politics to a degree where I would feel competent to write about them. I don't travel enough lately (serious lack of funding) to merit any reflection on intercultural experiences, which was the original intent of this blog. What's left that hasn't already been done? And that wouldn't bore any reader (including myself) to tears?

Maybe this is a hint I need to find a new hobby.

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