11 October 2007

It's not like I have sexy hip wordsmithy ideas very often, as proved by my irregular posting. In fact, I post so irregularly I could be a German verb. Take a spin through my archives, you'll see what I mean. So I take my inspiration from where I can, okay?

This evening's post-spiration comes from page 288 of November's Glamour, which showed up in our mailbox today. (Sweet, I just had to refer to the magazine to find the page number, and turned to the right page on the first try!) It's entitled "12 things in life never to take for granted." Which is quite a sexy hip wordsmithy twist on the November chestnut "Things I'm thankful for."

So, ado-less and furthery,

Things I Shouldn't Take For Granted

  • Lady Grey tea when I post--creative juice, with just enough bergamot!

  • A boyfriend that grumbles but caves almost without protest when I ask for a backrub

  • Backrubs (and the warm touch of another human being)

  • Floors that I don't care about so I can keep the window open at night when it rains and listen to the sound

  • Just enough html knowledge to write this ordered list without having to look up the tags

  • Being able to sew, and have my clothes actually fit

  • The J train

  • More books than I can shake a reading list at

  • Just enough adventure in my soul to do crazy things, every once in a while, but not enough to get me seriously in trouble

Not a bad compendium, as compendia go.

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