19 December 2007

Wish List

There was a request to move that last post further down the page into oblivion, and so I am gracing you with my Christmas wish list.

Here is the list of wishes I sent my family:

  • Yoga ball to replace office chair at work
  • Yoga tops
  • Yoga pants
  • Silver watch
  • BBC's Planet Earth DVD
  • Books!
  • White hoodie
Here's what I would actually like for Christmas
  • My loose tooth fixed for good (boo to no dental insurance!)
  • Sheets that actually fit our bed and match (can't ask my family for sheets for a full bed, as that would remind them (gasp!) we're not actually married!)
  • Someone to take me makeup shopping and buy me stuff that actually works for me and show me how to put it on
  • A bike, and to be able to ride it again without fear of it getting stolen or me getting hurt
  • To be able to reduce the amount of stuff in my life, without actually having to get rid of any of my treasured possessions
  • A really good night's sleep, or twelve
  • Better eyesight without glasses or contacts
  • A reason, a budget and a workspace to get out my sewing machine again and go to town
  • An exchange rate in favor of the dollar, so I could travel more

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