22 May 2008

The Difference Between Frenchy and Me

I have discovered the Frenchy's weakness, and it is brownies.

I made brownies a few days ago, to go with the utterly satisfying Mint Ice Cream. The Frenchy doesn't eat any ice cream that isn't vanilla, but nevertheless he wouldn't let me put chocolate chips in the mint ice cream. Yes, I love him anyway. It's hard sometimes.

So I made these brownies to go with the ice cream. This photo (weirdly sideways, I can't get it to straighten out) is about a day and a half after they came out of the oven. By this time I had eaten two reasonably small-sized squares. Frenchy ate the rest. For breakfast.

Normally it is me and my sweet tooth that pigs out on the cookies, brownies, cake, etc. I've been known to vacuum up an entire pint of Ben and Jerry's in one sitting. Frenchy, in his best Frenchy manner, takes three spoonfuls and says "That's enough for tonight." (How can he resist the caramelly crunchiness of Americone Dream?) I scarf it up and don't even feel guilty. If it tastes good, I'm eating it. End of story.

I have long avoided reading French Women Don't Get Fat, partly because I'm convinced I came up with the idea by myself after living in France ten years ago (dirty plaigiarists!) and partly because I suspect the book will annoy the living daylights out of me. If you haven't read it, basically it comes down to this: American women are scared of their food, and like a horse that can sense fear, the food attacks back in the form of guilt, flab, indigestion and cottage cheese thighs. French women, on the other hand, savor the flavor, get the most out of the small amount of food they eat, and therefore can consume horrendously buttery and cholesterol-laden foodstuffs with no avoirdupois impact.

(You see, the difference between me and French women is that I combine the American and French technique: no-guilt eating, but I don't stop with just one helping. Lord knows how I keep this svelte figure.)

But there is one thing that will break a French person's resolve to have just a cubic centimeter of food at once, and it is Duncan Hines Extra Fudgy Brownies. I am rather gleeful over the discovery.

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