23 February 2005

Bastard viruses

My little sis called me last night (already a surprise--I think that's the first time she's called me since I moved out of the house in 1997) and said she might come visit this weekend. Then fifteen minutes later her friends came home and said no, they're not going to Kansas anymore so now she isn't coming to visit. I was excited for a moment. And then disappointed. But I was happy 'cause we talked for a long time.

And I have yet another piece of evidence that I am going to turn out exactly like my parents. Exhibit A: I have a cold. Everyone knows that I have a cold, (especially my sinuses) and that I should be at home self-medicating and watching Seinfeld reruns. But I refuse to take anything. In fact, I did not admit to actually having a cold until yesterday. Tough it out! Rely on your own body! Forget modern medicine--warm salt water will take care of it!

Oh, the realization of the inevitable....

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