17 February 2005

Wait, There's More?

And you thought you were getting rid of me. Ha!

My parents are coming on Saturday. I don't have to do the frantic things that most mid-twenties do when their parents come, like last-minute frantic cleaning, or hiding the box of condoms, or making sure to erase all traces of the ten-hour bender last week, but I should probably make it look as though I've been hard at work on my thesis.

Really, I just want this thesis to go away. It's like I'm ten again, and I intercept the letter that says I need a tetanus shot for school, and I hide it at the very bottom of the pile, hoping that if I can keep this show up, eventually the whole messy situation will just disappear. Except now I'm 25, and my mature reasonable id says "It's just 35 pages,"* while my ego whines "But I don't Wanna!"

*I know, 35 pages isn't much, compared to most masters theses. But this is a special one, I promise....

Maybe I'll watch a few episodes of M*A*S*H, to get in the research mood...

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