28 February 2005


S'been an interesting weekend. Over the cold, and singing joyfully as often as possible to prove it. Found a couple great recipes--I'll post them if they turn out.

On the other hand, at work I'm discovering how difficult it is to give people bad news. At work, I have to do this occasionally. It kills me a little to say it, and then I always bend to their pleas (or their parents' pleas, in some cases) to review and appeal their "extra special case." Right. Some excuses I just don't buy.

Inevitably, I'm going to have to stick to my guns on some of them. What a horrible image. I can already see myself shrinking down in passivity, hiding from the phone (which I do anyway.)

And so I end up ranting to a computer screen. How many years do you have to work before you discover where the fine line should be drawn in telling people what you really think?

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