16 February 2005

So Many Things Neither Of Us Know

Hello. After weeks and weeks of being alternately inspired and scaredy-cat, I found the no-brainest, free-est and easiest blog platform to host my blogging debut. Here's to wishy-washyness! But then again, I am from St. Louis. As my favorite columnist, Bill McClellan says, we're a bunch of pioneers who were too afraid to go any farther.

There's a lot of things you don't know about me. Hell, there's a a lot of things even my boyfriend doesn't know about me. He only found out yesterday that I play an instrument.

But here are the basics. I imagine that they will come up often in the future.

  1. I am from St. Louis. I know I already said that, but if you know much about the city, you'll know that when I say I went to Webster, I mean (most) of the sous-entendres that go with that.
  2. I'm a Francophile, of the "France is way more complicated than baguettes and wine" school of thought. France is a highly complex country, and so is our relationship with them. Despite all the negative press about America and France, I still love both countries.
  3. I currently live in the Midwest. It's an odd coincidence that I ended up so close to home, me who has traveled so far so long.
  4. I'm a middle child. Mom doesn't believe in all that birth order crizap, but I certainly do.

That's enough for today. Gotta leave some mystery.

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